Massive World War II Tallboy Bomb Explodes Accidentally

Story By: James KingSub-EditorDarko Manevski, Agency: Clipzilla

This footage shows the moment a massive World War II bomb explodes underwater as the Polish Navy attempts to defuse it.

8. Flotylla Obrony Wybrzeża/12. Dywizjon Trałowców/Newsflash

Military experts had warned in advance that it was a dangerous job to detonate the 5.4-tonne Tallboy bomb which is found in the Piast Canal waterway leading to the port of Szczecin in north-western Poland.

Experts had been discussing what to do about it since it was found in September last year. It had been dropped by the RAF in 1945 during a raid which also sank the Lutzow warship.

In the end, they decided to try to neutralise it, but it exploded prematurely although fortunately no one was hurt.


The bomb contained 2400 kg of explosives sending a huge spout of water into the air, as this footage shows.

The divers had been attempting to slowly burn away the explosive charge but in the end, it exploded anyway.

As a precaution, 750 people had been evacuated from the area and all of the divers had been moved out of the danger zone as well.

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