Experts Cannot Identify Mystery Animal Skeleton

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A Turkish locksmith has found a mysterious animal skeleton that he said all the experts he has consulted have been unable to identify in eight years.

Abdullah Ozturk now showcases the mysterious skeleton at his shop in the town of Nigde in the southern Turkish province of the same name.

The locksmith found the body in a darkened and otherwise empty cellar nearly a decade ago.


The mystery animal’s tail was 45 centimetres long with a body 60 centimetres in length.

Ozturk, who said that although it was indeed strange to keep a mummified creature he thought it was so unusual, that he had put it into a display case in his store for his customers to marvel at as well.

He told local media that four experts have carried out tests on the animal’s remains, one of whom has been carrying out wildlife research for 30 years, but that they have not been able to identify which species it was.


Ozturk said that one professor wanted to take the skeleton to the capital Ankara to better analyse its teeth and carry out a DNA test, but he refused because he feared the delicate remains could be damaged.

The locksmith also claimed that he was offered cash sums to buy the skeleton from interested parties in Istanbul, but always declined.

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