Manhunt For Influencer After Daredevil Climb To Top Of Mexico City Skyscraper

This is the moment a daredevil influencer climbs to the top of a Mexico City skyscraper, prompting the authorities to launch a manhunt for him and his pals.

The video was filmed at the Torre Latinoamericana in the Mexican capital Mexico City by influencer ‘Selerdios’ who shared the footage on Instagram on 10th December and YouTube on 12th December.

On YouTube, where the video has been viewed 24,000 times, he titled the clip ‘So I Climbed the Antenna of the Torre Latinoamericana’.

YouTube user Selerdios Ph on the antenna of the Latino Tower in December 2021. (@selerdios/CEN)

The footage shows Selerdios and two companions climbing to the top of the building before the influencer films himself on the antenna without any safety gear.

He urges his followers not to copy the stunt as “it can be quite detrimental to your health, physical integrity and even your freedom”.

Torre Latinoamericana service manager Reynaldo Torres said they have reported the incident to the local authorities and are trying to track down the people involved to answer for their actions.

YouTube user Selerdios Ph on the antenna of the Latino Tower in December 2021. (@selerdios/CEN)

Torres added: “Apparently, the man is not from here. It happened several days ago, not today. A few days have passed so we have been attentive to what is going on both here and at the viewpoint so what happened does not take place again.”

He said it was the first time such a stunt had happened at the skyscraper and confirmed that security has been reinforced at the building’s entrance and viewpoint.

Torres also said that the young man risked his life because he did not have any safety equipment, in addition to the fact that the antenna emits radio frequency radiation due to the many radio stations that broadcast from there.