Man Suspected Of Stabbing Dog To Death As Practice For Attack Against Ex

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

An Austrian man who offered to look after a dog from an animal shelter stabbed it to death with a kitchen knife in order to get some practice in for murdering his ex.

The shocking claim was made by the man when interviewed by cops over the killing of the dog near the city of Klagenfurt in the Austrian state Carinthia.

The three-year-old dog named Roxy was found stabbed to death in a rubbish dump in late January.


The canine, which was a mixed breed of Shepherd-Doberman, had been placed under the care of an unnamed 40-year-old man by local animal welfare centre TIKO.

Recently leaked information has revealed the public prosecutor decided to have him remanded in custody after he admitted it was a test run for an attack against a former lover.

It is unclear why he decided to confess when quizzed by cops but the admission led the authorities to detain the man who still remains in custody.


The suspect was able to obtain the dog after he volunteered to care for Roxy during a period of time while the centre looked for a permanent home, which was not expected to take long.

However, TIKO members became suspicious after the suspect did not report back which led them to track the canine’s chip to the waste dump.

Roxy had stab wounds all over her body which were presumably carried out with a kitchen knife, according to investigations.


TIKO Director Kristina Koschier said they had never encountered a similar case before and nobody could explain the brutality of the killing.

The suspect remains in custody but it is unclear when his trial is expected to occur.

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