Mechanics Dismantle Car To Save Trapped Kitten

Story bySibel AbdiuSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a team of mechanics work to dismantle a car’s engine to release a tiny adorable kitten that had been stuck inside as it was being driven.

The startling incident occurred in the Antalya province of southern Turkey when driver Rifat Cetin stopped at a set of traffic lights and was told by pedestrians they could her a bizarre meow coming from the bonnet of his car.

Cetin then stopped the vehicle and tried to find the crying kitten but could not see the animal so then drove the vehicle to a nearby garage.

The mechanics then began dismantling the engine and the rest of the component under the bonnet to try and find the stuck kitten.

In the video, the mechanics can be seen working to dismantle the car parts under the bonnet as the kitten can be heard crying.

The tiny kitten’s face can then be seen stuck behind the car’s radiator as it cries for help before trying to crawl out.

One of the mechanics eventually picks the kitten up and carries it to safety and Cetin said the mechanics had dismantle the whole front of his car but he said it “was worth it “because it saved a life”.

Local media report the rescue effort took just under one hour and the driver said he planned to gift the kitten to a colleague of his who he said wanted to adopt a cat.

One of the mechanics told reporters that the kitten had been hard to locate in the car because of its tiny size.

Picture Credit: CEN