Man Slices Off Pal’s Hand In Machete Duel

This is the terrifying moment a man’s severed hand flies through the air in a vicious machete duel with a friend after a trivial row escalated into a bloody street fight.

The blade battle, recorded by passersby in Consuelo, Dominican Republic, on 14th May, erupted as the two men squared up to each other outside a petrol station.

As the two men flew at each other one wickedly sharp blade sliced right through the left wrist of 31-year-old Kevin Melquiades Trinidad.

While he continued to wield his own machete his left hand sailed through the air and landed on the pavement as passers-by screamed in horror.

Two men fight with a machete and one loses hand in San Pedro de Macors, in the Dominican Republic, Tuesday, May 14, 2024. The involved were identified as Kelvin Melquiades Trinidad and Nelvin Felix. (Newsflash)

Apparently oblivious to the injury, Trinidad kept swinging until he and his opponent Nelvin Felix broke off.

Then, while Felix walked off through the garage forecourt, Trinidad calmly walked over and picked up his severed hand at the end of the footage.

Trinidad was later rushed to the Antonio Musa Regional Hospital in San Pedro de Macoris, local media reported.

His opponent Felix was also treated for cuts and is facing mutilation charges.

Picture shows Nelvin Felix, undated. He had a fight in San Pedro de Macors, Dominican Republic. (Newsflash)

Witnesses told local media the pair were friends who work as motorcycle taxis and had a falling out over a passenger.

Police are investigating, reports local media.