Man Disguised As Sis Seized By Border Cops

This video shows a 44-year-old Ukrainian man who tried to disguise himself as his sister in order to leave the country illegally in an apparent attempt to avoid being forced into the army.

He was caught as he tried to cross the Ukrainian border into neighbouring Romania in the bizarre disguise dressed as a woman.

Baffling police footage shows the burly suspect wearing a black skirt, a green polo shirt and a wig under a hat.

And in case there was any doubt he was a fake, his deep gravelly voice when he talks to the police is a dead giveaway.

The footage was obtained from Ukraine’s State Border Service on 6th May after he was caught trying to use his sister’s passport.

They said in a statement: “A 44-year-old resident of Zolotonosha, disguised as a woman, was detained this morning by border guards of the ‘Predator’ branch of the Mukachevo detachment near the border with Romania.

Footage shows detained man, 44, dressed as woman, from Zolotonosha, Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine, undated. He tried to cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border but was caught. (@DPSUkr/Newsflash)

“‘Armed’ with his sister’s passport, an unpretentious ‘fashion bow’, makeup and a wig, the man came to Transcarpathia to try to illegally cross the Ukrainian-Romanian border.

“The disguise manoeuvre was easily exposed as soon as the man entered the border crossing.

“However, he tried hard to pull it off, claiming he was a citizen of Ukraine and he even provided his passport for verification.”

They added: “In relation to the detainee, a report on the administrative offence provided for in Art. 204-1 of the Criminal Procedure Code ‘Illegal crossing or attempted illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine’, the case was referred to the court.”

It was not confirmed if the suspect was trying to dodge Ukraine’s military draft laws but Ukraine decreed martial law at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, which bans men aged 18 to 60 from travelling abroad without special dispensation.

The country also began a rolling mobilisation of civilian men into the Armed Forces to fight back against Russian invasion.