Man Rescued After Getting Head Stuck In Bus Window While Trying To Get Fresh Air

This is the dramatic moment onlookers and fellow passengers help free a man’s head after he got stuck in the small bus window.

The man, identified as Sundar Rao, was reportedly trying to catch some fresh air while aboard the moving bus. In Srikakulam, in India’s Andhra Pradesh State.

But when Sundar decided to return to his seat, he realised his head had gotten stuck in the narrow window.

Co-passengers reportedly struggled for 15 minutes to help free him during the 23rd January incident.

After a while, the driver pulled over the State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) bus in the nearby town of Tekkali, where they received the assistance of locals.

Phone footage shows bystanders and other passengers trying to squeeze Sundar’s head back into the bus.

People help a man who got his head jammed in the bus window. In Srikakulam district, India, in January, 2024. The man was trying to get some fresh air and was stuck for 15 minutes before the bus stopped. (AsiaWire)

Some could be heard laughing in the background at the hapless Sundar as he patiently allowed a few people aboard the bus to pull his head back.

Meanwhile, several men outside pushed back on the window glass to try and create more space.

Shortly later, they were able to free his head from the window safely.