Man Put To Bed With Wasps Nest While Staying At In-Laws

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A man staying at his in-laws and who decided to stay the night in their spare bedroom was attacked by a swarm of wasps that had also decided to make the bed their home.

The man, Sander Ligthart, was visiting his parents-in-law at their house in the City of Deventer, in the eastern Netherlands province of Overijssel.

Ligthart told local media how he retired to the guest room after an evening drink with his in-laws.


He describes he has just got into the bed when he experienced a severe pain on his foot.

Ligthart said: “At first I thought it was cramp, but it felt different”

When he turned on the light, Ligthart says he was met with an unimaginable sight.

He said: “It looked like a horror movie. In fact, I sometimes come up with scripts for films, but I could never have even imagined this.”


In a video post he said: “After an evening drink with my in-laws, I get into the guest bed and suddenly feel a severe pain on my left foot. I quickly turned on the light, turns out there’s a wasp nest in the bed. I made a movie and shared with Hart van Nederland (media outlet), who immediately sent a team: tonight at 11 pm it will be broadcasted on SBS6.”

The images show the guest room with the wasps inside the covers which have been pulled back to show the nest at the foot of the bed.

According to media sources, his in-laws say they never usually use the room and had no idea about the wasps.


Ligthart says he was stung around six times in total and after that went to stay at the neighbours.

The wasp’s nest has since been removed by an extermination company, according to local media.

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