Firemen Break Loo Apart To Rescue OAP Fishing For Phone

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This is the moment firefighters break apart a squat toilet after a pensioner on her knees trapped her arm in it while trying to retrieve her mobile phone.

The woman in her 60s, who is from the city of Nantong in East China’s Jiangsu Province, is said to have dropped her phone while using the squat toilet on 4th March.

Members of the fire service were called to the first-floor women’s bathroom of a local community college, where the pensioner was seen on her hands and knees inside the cubicle.

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She reached down into the squat toilet after having dropped her phone, which contained all the contact details of her old friends, but found her entire right arm trapped in the pipe shortly after, leaving her no choice but to cry for help.

Firefighters said they were wary of causing further injury to the woman, so they opted against heavy-duty tools for the job.

Footage shows them smashing apart the porcelain squat toilet and freeing the woman’s arm, which took about 10 minutes.

A small porcelain ring remained around the woman’s arm and was removed with a pair of pliers.

Her limb was found to be swollen due to obstructed blood flow, but authorities said she was not in a critical condition.

They were also able to retrieve the woman’s phone from the pipes below.

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