Man Hits Mustang, Starts Petrol Station Fire, Walks Away

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a bungling motorists sparks a blaze at a filling station after knocking over a petrol pump and crashing into a Mustang and a Cadillac before calmly walking away.

Footage from the Shihuguan Petrol Station in Kunming, capital of China’s south-western Yunnan Province, shows both car owners and a female attendant standing nearby when the crash happens on the evening of 29th April.

The white saloon, the model of which has not been reported, slams into a live pump carrying type-98 fuel.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The owner of the red Mustang tries to avoid the crash but ends up being bowled over by the falling petrol pump, which bursts into flames as it slams on the ground.

Fortunately, the Mustang driver manages to pick himself up and flee the blaze, while the panicking Cadillac owner climbs back into his car for a few seconds before changing his mind and running away on foot.

Meanwhile, the driver who caused the crash is seen climbing out the white car and calmly walking away.

A group of professional staff members at the petrol station grab fire extinguishers and immediately begin to douse the flames, which are put out in half a minute, the video shows.

No one was injured during the accident, including the white saloon owner who was later detained by police for investigation.

Yan An, deputy manager at the filling station, said: “One of our staff members shouted ‘fire’ and we immediately went into emergency mode.

“The cashier inside hit the emergency switch to cut power to all petrol pumps, and then we each played our part in evacuating customers and dealing with the incident.

“We extinguished the fire in 30 minutes.”

Local authorities have yet to comment on whether the crash may have been deliberate.

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