Man Fakes Virus Infection To Avoid Isolation With Mum

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A middle-aged man has begged for Spanish cops to arrest him for having COVID-19 when he actually could not stand being isolated with his mum during lockdown.

The unnamed 44-year-old man from the city of Vigo in the north-western Spanish region of Galicia reportedly went to a nearby police station claiming to have COVID-19 and demanding to be arrested.

According to local media, the police called for an ambulance and paramedics on the scene checked him over, but as he was not showing any symptoms of the virus, they sent him home.

He reportedly returned to the police station two hours later to again demand that officers arrest him.

The middle-aged man told cops that he was “outraged” at having to be cooped up and that he was “fed up being kept at home with my mum”.

It is unclear whether the police found a good enough reason to throw him into a cell.

However, the local authorities have reportedly been busy arresting residents for breaking the country’s strict lockdown measures.

On Tuesday, one cheeky musician, identified as 47-year-old D.F.C., was arrested for putting on a live street concert with a guitar and amplifier as well as a blanket to sell CDs.

Minutes later, two men, aged 56 and 45, were also sanctioned for selling products on the street.

Meanwhile, one 74-year-old man, with the initials J.R.C., was caught breaking lockdown measures when officers spotted him acquiring the services of a prostitute.

A bar owner and four clients were fined when they were caught enjoying a private ‘lock-in’.

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