Man Cuts Willy Of Boy, 4, With Knife For Wetting The Bed

A Colombian man has been arrested for cutting the genitals of his four-year-old stepson with a knife because he wet the bed.

The incident took place in the municipality of Sabanalarga in the Colombian department of Atlantico on 21st June.

According to the news site Debate, the stepfather, Jesus Rodriguez Gonzalez, was furious that the boy had wet the bed as he felt the child was old enough to go to the toilet himself, and to punish him he first rubbed his face in the soiled bed sheet.

Jesus Rodriguez Gonzalez was arrested on Sunday, 27th June, for allegedly cutting of the penis of his 4-year-old stepson with a knife for wetting the bed, in Sabanalarga, Colombia. (Newsflash)

But he then decided that was not enough, so he took the boy to the kitchen, removed a knife, and slashed his stepson’s genitals.

According to reports, the incident was also witnessed by the boy’s mother Elizabeth Gonzalez who the suspect had lived with for three years.

Relatives then took the boy to the Sabanalarga Municipal Hospital for treatment.

Hospital spokesperson Rosalba Ortiz said the four-year-old boy had a gash at the base of his penis, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The boy’s mother and uncle Frank Mercado filed a report with the police and the suspect was arrested on 27th June for aggravated domestic violence, and is currently being held in custody.

The news site Infobae said it was not the first time the suspect has abused his stepson as the boy’s aunt claimed she witnessed him hitting the boy with a fist several months ago.

The investigation continues.