Man Butchered Mum When She Found He Had Killed Girlfriend And Her Pet Dog, Court Hears

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A German man strangled his girlfriend in the bath and butchered his mother when she discovered the body, and then killed their pet dog as well for good measure, a court in Germany has heard.

German engineer identified as Florian E., 29, was arrested after his girlfriend Tarah Arens, 24, was found laying dead in the bathtub in his apartment in the middle-class quarter of Bramfeld in the German city of Hamburg in February 2021.

The suspected killer then stabbed his 53-year-old mother identified as Kristen E. 63 times, after she turned up at his flat and found Tarah’s corpse in the bathroom two days later and was about to alert the authorities of her son’s crime.

Tarah Arens, 24, from the German city of Hamburg who was strangled in the bathtub by her boyfriend Florian E., 29, in February. (Helmut Schmidt Uni/Newsflash)

Local media reported that the trial where Florian E. will be answering for manslaughter and aggravated murder started on Tuesday on 3rd August 2021.

Evidence showed that the 29-year-old man also killed Tarah’s dog as the police found it disposed in a ditch with a severely damaged skull.

E. then tried to clean up the evidence using powerful detergents and even painting over blood spots on the wall, and had asked a neighbour for some alcohol “in return for a steak”.

Kirsten E. (53) who was managing director of a social enterprise, was stabbed to death from her son, Florian E. (28). (Newsflash)

He was caught when his father Kai E., 60, rang and realised that his son was hiding something, after which he went to his flat where he spotted his wife’s car in the driveway and called the police.

When officers forced their way inside the flat they found a pool of blood on the floor and bloodstains on the walls, and arrested the man as they discovered Kristen and Tarah’s dead bodies in the bathroom.

Local media reported that E. was suffering from schizophrenia and showed no remorse during the trial, and had even attacked several guards and a psychologist in an escape attempt after he was arrested.

The building where mechatronics engineer Florian E. (28), suffocated his girlfriend, Tarah A. (24). and stabbed his mother Kirsten E. (53). (Newsflash)

According to a police spokesperson, E. told police officers: “You better handcuff me, otherwise something else will happen here.”

The public prosecutor demands E. to be placed in a psychiatric institution for life.

The trial continues.