Man Brandishes Knife To Get Arrested And Warm In Jail

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is a moment a man brandishes a knife at a florist and then sits down to wait for the cops to arrest him so that he could get warm and a decent meal in jail.

The man, identified as 21-year-old Igor Chekrygin, wanted to get arrested as he did not have a place to live in western Russia’s capital city Moscow.

The incident was filmed by a CCTV camera in the florist and was later posted on social media.

The clip shows Chekrygin holding a knife in his right hand while pushing a terrified female assistant out of the shop.

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Picture Credits: CEN

According to local media, after pushing her outside on the street, he stayed in the shop and waited for her to call the police.

In the video, Chekrygin can be seen drinking water from an electric kettle then sitting in a chair while waiting for the cops to come.

The clip ends with the suspect showing his unarmed hands while being arrested by two police officers and taken into custody.

According to reports, Chekrygin, who had just been released from prison for a petty crime, did not have a place to live.

He decided to commit another crime to get himself arrested and taken to prison where he could be warm and have a hot meal three times a day.

The homeless man will get his wish as he will now spend two months in custody while the investigation is ongoing.