Actor Set To Wed Sex Doll Says It Is A Challenge

Story ByAnastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News 

The hunky actor who vowed to marry his synthetic ‘girlfriend’ after paying real plastic surgeons to enhance the sex doll’s appearance claims their controversial relationship is a challenge.

Kazakh actor and bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko said in an exclusive interview with Central European News (CEN) that his ‘relationship’ with a sex doll is a “test for society”.

Picture Credit: CEN/@yurii_tolochko

He said: “There are a lot of women surrounding me – beautiful, smart, successful. So what made me get into a relationship with a cyborg? That is a challenge for me.

“This is a means for getting to know myself with a whole new self-identity, it is also a test for society, a test that some have passed and some haven’t.”

Tolochko notes that all the social media posts about his relationship with the sex doll named Margo are very ironic and it was interesting for him to observe how different people reacted to his posts.

Picture Credit: CEN/@yurii_tolochko

He told CEN: “Society got divided based on their age group: the majority of younger people get the sarcasm behind the posts, while older generations take a much more serious stand towards this story.”

Tolochko said that some of the elderly people react unreasonably when it comes to his story.

“Therefore, I can conclude that the widely-spread statement about ‘decadent youth’ is false.”

The actor blames the education system for that, saying: “With age, many people stop generating or perceiving new ideas, and mostly think in squares, simply because they are taught that way.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@yurii_tolochko

The statistics-driven bodybuilder has also noted that the majority of women do not take his and Margo’s story too well.

“They take it with a lot of pain, too radically, and are very intolerant towards us.”

At the same time, some men are either in favour of Yuri and Margo’s relationship or not.

“This is how we can reveal those painful spots, this is when both men and women feel vulnerable.”

He noted that prior to his own analysis it was typical for his (eastern) society to think that only women can be victims but “this reaction has shown that there are things to study”.

The actor has regretfully admitted that being part of Kazakhstan’s art scene, his change of girlfriend was not well received.

He said in an interview with CEN: “So many people in arts condemn me and are unable to understand our relationship as a creative idea, as a performance.”

The bodybuilder has concluded that only marketing, IT and PR experts are head over heels about his story: “Based on this I can say that there is no creativity in our arts field, people are mainly focused on their craft, polishing their skills rather than generating new bright and daring ideas.”

Tolochko plans to tie the knot with Margo in January 2020.

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Anastasia Smirnova

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