Man Beheads Victim With Long Blade On Busy Egyptian Street In Broad Daylight And Carries Head Off Like Trophy

This is the moment onlookers scream in horror as a man repeatedly hacks at his boss’ brother’s head on an Egyptian street in broad daylight and beheads him.

The shocking incident took place in the north-eastern Egyptian city of Ismailia on Monday, 1st November.

Security officials were able to swiftly apprehend the suspect, but not before he had reportedly taken the victim’s severed head and paraded down the street with it, holding it up in his hand.

The victim who was beheaded by a drug-addicted man in the middle of the road in Ismailia, Egypt using a long blade. (Newsflash)

The arrest was announced by the Ministry of Interior, which also reported that the suspect had previously been sectioned for an unspecified drug addiction and had “psychological issues”.

The identities of the suspect and his victim were not revealed. However, the ministry said both men were known to each other, as the suspect worked at a furniture shop run by the victim’s brother.

The gruesome footage of the incident filmed by shocked onlookers went viral on Egyptian social media, causing outrage among netizens, many of whom decried the dire security situation.

The murderer who beheaded a man in the middle of the road in Ismailia, Egypt using a long blade and walked through the street with the severed head. (Newsflash)

Local media reported that shortly after committing his crime, the man was apprehended by a group of locals before the police arrived on the scene to arrest him.

As reported in media outlets including Gulf News, some witnesses said the man committed the crime because the victim had raped the man’s mother. However, the authorities have not corroborated this hypothesis.

It is currently unclear where the suspect is being held and if he has been charged yet.