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Male SUV Driver Tries To Run Over Mum With Infant

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

Police are investigating after this video showed a mother carrying her infant daughter fleeing a male SUV driver who appears to allegedly try and run them over before fleeing the scene.

Mum Ms Zhang, who owns a business supplying building materials, said the as yet unidentified male suspect is a client who was unhappy with a recent purchase.

CCTV cameras outside Ms Zhang’s warehouse captured the incident at a building materials market in the town of Shuitou, which is in the city of Nan’an in East China’s Fujian Province, on the afternoon of 28th October.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Ms Zhang and her infant daughter can be seen standing to one side when the suspect’s black SUV is driven towards the parent and child.

Ms Zhang flees and hides behind a parked forklift which blocks the SUV driver who swerves towards her and her baby.

With his alleged attempt thwarted, the suspect then reverses and drives off as the video ends.

Ms Zhang, who went to the police after the incident, told local media: “Luckily, my daughter wasn’t harmed.

“When he drove towards me, I tried to run away, then I gave my daughter to another shopkeeper.”

Ms Zhang said the suspect is from the city of Meizhou in neighbouring Guangdong Province.

“He contacted me and ordered a batch of stone balustrades at the end of September.

“The order wasn’t for much – no more than 9,000 RMB (990 GBP) – and I’d actually turned down the request because the quantity was too small.

“But after some discussions I decided to do it anyway. He received the shipment and then promptly paid me.

“But on 21st October, he contacted me again and said the colour of his balustrades didn’t match the sample I gave him. He didn’t want them anymore.

“I offered him a refund, but he demanded 20,000 RMB (2,200 GBP) in compensation.

“He called me on the morning of the incident, saying he had sent the order back, but then threatened to kill me if I didn’t have the 20,000 RMB ready for him by the time he arrived.”

Nan’an police are still investigating the case, and did not reveal whether any arrests had been made.

Investigations are also understood to be questioning one of the suspect’s acquaintances, who is seen getting out of the man’s car before he drives towards Ms Zhang and her child.

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