MAD RUSH: Cops Box In And Arrest Teen Carjacking Gang After 132Mph Chase

This is the moment officers box in and arrest a gang of car-stealing teens following a high-speed chase as they went fleeing at over 130 miles per hour.

The dramatic capture reportedly took place after a 40-mile pursuit that ended with the thieves’ tyres being stung somewhere on a road in Birmingham, in the West Midlands, UK.

The images were obtained by Newsflash from the West Midlands Police, along with a statement that said: “A gang of teenagers who stole up to 100 cars last year, have been jailed after we linked them to a string of burglaries and violent carjackings.”

CCTV footage filmed from a police helicopter shows the moment officers boxed in and arrested the driver, later identified as Jordan Jones, 19, along with three other teenagers who were not named due to legal reasons.

They were among a group of seven thieves responsible for dozens of high-performance car thefts in the West Midlands and Warwickshire between December 2020 and December 2021, the police said.

Police finally caught up with the gang when they found them driving a stolen Audi A3.

The four reportedly tried to throw off officers by dumping the Audi and jumping inside a stolen VW Golf, fleeing at 132 mph (212 kph).

However, cops kept tabs on the group via a helicopter and after the car’s tyres were stung they surrounded their car.

Cops manage to box the thieves in and finally put them in handcuffs, bringing their lengthy criminal reign to an end.

Police officers arrest a gang of car-stealing teens in West Midlands, UK, undated.All seven reportedly pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court. (West Midlands Police/Newsflash)

The group was also linked to a nasty carjacking which involved a man being attacked and thrown of out his vehicle.

Other shocking footage shows various thefts and breaking-ins carried out by the teen gang.

The gang also included Jamoye Simpson, 19, who was arrested on 17th October 2021, after he was caught fleeing in a stolen BMW.

Detectives were initially looking into 15 car thefts but as the investigation developed, they learned the total number of offences is close to 100.

All seven reportedly pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court and on 16th November, Jones and Simpson along with three teenagers were sentenced.

Simpson, who pleaded guilty to robbery, was sentenced to nine years and six months in jail.

And Jones, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle was sentenced to four years and two months behind bars.

Two 17-year-olds were sentenced to four years and 11 months and four years and six months.

Another 17-year-old received 12 months of detention, police said.

Two other 16-year-old boys are to be sentenced on 1st December.