Lightning Quick Woman Catches Stumbling OAP Before He Faceplants Tarmac

This is the moment a restaurant owner instinctively runs into the car park and manages to catch a stumbling OAP before he faceplants the tarmac.

Yu Mei, 34, was filmed cushioning the OAP’s fall outside her restaurant in the city of Shouguang in the Chinese province of Shandong at around 6pm on 26th August, with the footage shared on social media last week.

She said she was relaxing with her husband after a busy day at work when she looked outside and saw the old man faltering as he walked.

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As his pace quickened and he leaned further forwards, the young woman managed to run outside and catch the elderly man before he hit the ground.

The OAP only suffered minor injuries and was back out walking the next day thanks to Mei’s timely intervention.

She said that she could sense that the man was about to fall, and she recalls stuffing her mobile phone into her pocket while she instinctively ran towards him.

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Mei added: “I tried hard to support him, but when the old man’s body was virtually horizontal, I couldn’t hold him.”

After the pair fell to the ground, Mei called for help and her husband came to their aid.

She said several other passersby assisted and they called the elderly man’s family before escorting him back to his nearby home.

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Mei said: “I see the old man walking past here every morning, and I am always aware at the time. It’s a trivial thing.”

She added: “In this kind of situation, you should always step forward to help.”

She said she saw the old man walking past again the next morning, adding that it was “worth the fall” to see him back on his feet so soon.