Lambo Driver Writes Off Womans Car And Buys Her New One

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News

A Lamborghini driver who totalled a woman’s car after he rear-ended it has bought her a brand-new one after learning that her insurance would not cover her.

The incident happened when the woman in a Perodua Viva went to turn right at Section 17 in the city of Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.

However, a Lamborghini Huracan driver behind reacted too slowly and ploughed into the back of the woman’s silver Viva.

The Lambo, which has black and gold snakeskin bodywork, appeared to sustain minimal damage at the front, but the entire rear of the woman’s car had collapsed leaving it unusable.

The woman, identified as mum-of-three Celine Tan, was reportedly delivering food at the time. She makes and delivers her own food items and the accident left her without a vehicle to do her deliveries.

However, the money available for the repair of the car was limited because it was not worth much and not worth repairing.

Thomas Heng told local media that when he heard this, he and his colleagues decided to step in and help. He is one of the owners of a car tuning workshop and the Lamborghini Huracan was the company’s show car.
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He revealed it was being driven by his partner when it crashed into the woman’s car.

He said when they learned of the difficulties they had caused her, him and his partner decided to buy her a new Perodua Myvi.

He told local media: “We found out that the lady’s car insurance is low. If she claims for total loss, she might only get a few thousand ringgits.

“Insurance repair or claim total loss also takes a few months, so we immediately bought a Myvi for her and the manufacturer year is newer than her Viva.”

He said the new car would be handed over to her on Monday after it has been given a tuning and paint job so when the woman drives around she can help promote her business.

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