Stepdad Claims He Abused 5yo Girl Because Shes Pretty

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A man accused of raping his five-year-old stepdaughter has admitted in court to sexually abusing her saying he did it because she was pretty and his wife was always at work.

Ek Vandouch, 28, a water vendor, has gone on trial for aggravated rape at Phnom Penh Municipal Court in the Cambodian capital.

Vandouch is accused of raping his five-year-old stepdaughter multiple times at the family home in the village of Krorl Kor in the Russey Keo district of Phnom Penh.


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He denied rape but admitted indecent assault, telling the court: “I merely touched her genitals, but I did not have sex with her. I did it because she was a pretty girl and my wife was always busy at work.”

Vandouch went on to say he regretted what he had done and he begged the court for leniency so he could go back to his wife and stepchildren to support them.

The court heard Vandouch was married to So Manet, 38, and lived with her and her two children, a boy of seven and the five-year-old girl.

He is accused of repeatedly raping the little girl between May and October last year at times when his wife was at work.

Presiding Judge Ros Piseth said: “He committed sexual abuse on the victim at least five times while his wife was not at home. 

“After every incident, he told the victim not to tell anyone or else he would beat her.”

But the girl finally plucked up the courage to tell her mum what had been going on and she took her to the police who arrested and charged Vandouch.

Vandouch faces up to 15 years in prison is he is found guilty. The court’s verdict is due later this month.

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