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Kind Men Rescue Horse Trapped In Barbed Wire

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Video Credit: CEN/@hugo.martinez.3745

This is the viral footage of three men helping a poor horse that had been trapped in a barbed-wire fence for over a day.

The incident was filmed by one of the three rescuers who stopped their vehicle on National Route 23 in the central Argentine province of Rio Negro to help the trapped animal.

The footage was shared on social media by Hugo Martinez where it has amassed over 2.8 million views.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@hugo.martinez.3745

According to local media, Martinez was with friends Walter and Segundo when they spotted the horse lying on the ground with its legs stuck in the fence and stopped the car.

One of the rescuers held the horse’s head to calm it down as another man released its hooves from the barbed-wire fence.

In the viral footage, two men are seen walking towards the motionless horse as it lies on the ground.

The horse startles when it is touched by one of the rescuers, who struggles with the spooked animal for a moment.

When the horse is calm, one of the men tries to cut the barbed wire and move its leg clear of the fence.

In the next scene, the man partially lifts the fence up as his friend pats the horse which springs to its feet and runs off.

It is last seen trotting through the field as the rescuers cheer.

Martinez accompanied the video with the message: “We just experienced a wonderful moment that I want to share with you. We found someone in trouble and God put us in that place to help. It (the horse) was like this for over a day, but at least there was a happy ending.”

Netizen ‘Jose Luis Vanoli’ commented: “What good people. We should all be like this because there are so many of us in the world.”

‘Luisa Galvan’ added: “Thank you beautiful people, this touched me deeply.”

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