Jumping Dance Troupe Plunge When Stage Collapses

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This is the moment a group of dancers is sent plunging through a stage when it collapses as they jump up and down to celebrate the end of their performance.

The incident took place in Municipal Theatre of Americana, in the city of Campinas, in the southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo at the end of a ballet performance by the Sandra Godoy Academy.

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In the video, the performers can be seen finishing their performance with a choreographed dance before the crowd erupts into a loud cheer.

The dancers then begin celebrating linking arms and jumping up and down in the middle of the stage.

Video Credit:CEN

A group of the performers are then sent plummeting when the stage partially collapses and onlookers can be seen rushing to the scene. A voice on the PA system calls for calms and asks for first-aiders to come forward.

Local media reported six people were injured in the incident, among them three teachers and three students aged 16, 23, and 25. All six were treated in local hospitals and health clinics before being discharged. Reports state they were treated for grazes.

Picture Credit:CEN

A statement said: “At the end of the show around 30 participants were concentrated at that specific point, they were jumping and around 10 people fell into the gap.”

The Director of the theatre Luciano Luize said they were waiting for a report from the police to be able to pinpoint the cause of the collapse.

At the time of the accident 150 dancers were on the stage and 780 people were in the crowd.

The academy cancelled their show which was scheduled for the following day after the incident.

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