Jealous Husband Murders 3yo Stepson To Punish Wife

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

This jealous husband has been arrested for killing his adorable three-year-old stepson to punish his wife.

The murder happened in the Konak district of Izmir province in Turkey where the man identified only as Bilal T., frequently flew into a jealous rage that resulted in him beating his wife Ayse. 

In the final incident that resulted in his arrest, he had once again beaten her resulting in her fleeing the flat hoping that her mother-in-law would protect her.

While she was away, her husband Bilal heard Ayse’s three-year-old son from another marriage, Abdulkadir Dogan, crying in his bedroom, and reportedly decided to beat him to further punish the wife.

When his mother returned and spotted the lifeless body lying on the ground, she fainted.

Medics took the boy to the Tepecik Research and Training Hospital but they could only confirm that his heart had stopped, and it was impossible to revive him.

Later his body was taken to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute’s morgue where it was determined that the little boy had many bruises and scars all over his tiny body. 

In her statement to local media the mother Ayse said: “I was constantly beaten by him, my whole body is covered in bruises.” 

After he was arrested, Bilal claimed that the boy had run out of the house and had been run over by a motorbike. But the autopsy found no traces of the injuries that they would have expected to see had he been hit by a bike, and found it was more indicative of a savage beating.

There was also no sign of any accident having taken place outside the property and no witnesses.

The man remains in custody while the investigation continues.