Japanese Restaurant Bans Diners From Watching Smartphones

A trendy ramen restaurant in Tokyo has banned its customers from watching videos on their phones while they eat.


Debu-chan eatery owner Kota Kai says he was fed up with diners letting his noodles go soggy while they watch their screens.

And – he says – people watching videos on their smartphones can mean huge queues for tables.

He said: “It’s painful for me to see the ramen that I put my soul into making get ruined right before my eyes.”

Kai added: “It’s got to be hard for the people waiting to see people who were seated before them relaxing with videos.”

The restaurant is in the Japanese capital Tokyo’s Takadanobaba neighbourhood in Shinjuku City, with a large student population who are usually glued to their mobiles.


Noodles are considered casual dining in Japan, the way many people would eat at home.

But Kai said: “I think they’re just relaxing and dining in the way they enjoy, but a restaurant isn’t your home.”

The decision has caused a significant debate in Japan, where respect for food and chefs is embedded in the culture.

Customers will still be able to watch the restaurant’s TV and use their phones to take pictures.