Floating Dementor Scarecrow Spooks Locals In Japan

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorMichael Leidig, AgencyNewsflash


This is the eerie floating scarecrow with an illuminated face that spooks residents outside a farm in Japan.

The creepy scarecrow, which resembles a ‘Dementor’ from the Harry Potter franchise, floats outside a farm in the city of Yokote in the northern Japanese prefecture of Akita.

Netizen ‘Jaguchi’ shared footage of the scarecrow, made by his prankster dad, on Twitter where it has gone viral with 2.1 million views.

He said that every time he visits his parents, he is greeted by the floating terror before he can even get to the front door.

According to the Japanese netizen, his dad is a farmer who enjoys tinkering and he made the scarecrow with a mask, shirt and cape to keep the birds away.


The ‘floating dementor’ is attached to a pair of handlebars which are connected to a pole and a car suspension spring embedded in the ground.

The spring allows the scarecrow to move around as if it is floating in the air while a battery-charging solar panel on its forehead lights up the mask to give it a spooky glowing face at night.

Netizens had a lot to say about the viral scarecrow, and one Twitter user said: “If I saw that at night, I’d definitely pee myself.”

Another netizen wrote: “I bet it’s just as effective at keeping people away as the crows!”