Influencer Tattoos Insta Handles On Neck After Selling It As Advertising Space

An influencer’s neck is now covered in tattoos of Instagram handles after he decided to sell lifetime ‘advertising space’ on his own flesh.

Yegor Onopko, who hails from the Russian city of Vladivostok, boasts over 2,700 followers on Instagram.

He now also boasts a number of unorthodox tattoos on his neck, mainly of Instagram handles, after he decided to sell advertising space on it starting at RUB 100,000 (GBP 967) per handle, with lengthier handles implying a higher fee.


Nine Instagram handles on one side of his neck have almost made the influencer a millionaire in Russian rubles his home country. However, he insists he did not carry out the stunt for money.

According to media site, the 21-year-old got inked to entertain his followers and to “cause a stir” in the world of advertising and marketing.

The young man has also agreed with his ‘clients’ that he will never get the tattoos removed or covered up with another tattoo.


Yegor revealed on Instagram that his first ‘customer’ was ‘digital creator’ Jan Stashkevich, who appears to support himself by mentoring influencers.

According to Yegor, it was also Jan who gave him the idea of selling more advertising space on his body.

Yegor decided to choose his neck as his canvas, as it is a conspicuous location and nearly always on show.


His clients are mainly Russian but also include overseas ones, from Belarus and Ukraine.

Yegor’s stunt seems to have brought him money and his time in the limelight, though Instagram user ‘elena_citrus’ cruelly jibed: “Everyone will very quickly forget about you.”