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Cute Lovebird Gets Between Influencer And Partner To Demand Kisses

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This is the moment a cute lovebird gets between an influencer and her partners to loudly demand more kisses.

Prince the lovebird lives in the city of Vancouver in the westernmost Canadian province of British Columbia with its owners, makeup influencer Tamia Overes, and her partner Sasha Ivashuta.

Tamia, 23, who commands an army of nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok, shared a clip of the lovebird loudly demanding more and more kisses from her owners that went viral and received nearly 200,000 reactions.

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Another video shows the cute bird playing in Tamia’s cupboard and getting stuck in a wine glass.

Tamia told Newsflash: “Prince is a two-and-a-half-year old lovebird! I rescued Prince when she was a baby.

“I was told she was a boy, but she later laid an egg (meaning she was female). Prince had already learned her name by that time so now I have a female bird named Prince!


“Prince was scared of people when we first rescued her, but warmed up quickly to my boyfriend and I.”

The makeup artist and influencer, who is also a tattooist, told Newsflash: “I’m very fortunate and get to work with amazing clients every day, and because of my following on TikTok, I get to work with super large makeup companies and create content for them. I love my job!”

She added: “I actually have a tattoo of a lovebird I got before I was tattoo artist.”

Michael Leidig

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