Impotent Suspect Holds Girl, 14, Hostage Over Cure Cash

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This is the dramatic moment Chinese cops use an electric claw to lock down an impotent knifeman that had taken a schoolgirl hostage to get cash to treat his erectile dysfunction.

The suspect surnamed Zhang targeted the schoolgirl surnamed Sun while she was on her way home in the city of Huanggang in Central China’s Hubei Province on 16th February.

Authorities say the accused, aged 33, travelled to the city of six million specifically to stage a kidnap to get the cash, and was seen and hanging around a hotel entrance looking for an easy target.

When he saw the schoolgirl, he put an arm around the neck of the young victim, aged 14, and was seen threatening her with a knife when cops arrived.

Zhang was reportedly heard shouting: “I want to speak to your leader. Give me 100,000 RMB (11,360 GBP) and I’ll let her go.”

Yu Yansheng, deputy chief of the Huanggang Public Security Bureau, tried to persuade Zhang to release the teenager as he sat on the steps in front of the hotel and a nearby jeweller, armed police closing in around him.

According to police transcripts, Zhang said: “Don’t come any closer! I want 100,000 RMB. Give me the money and I’ll let her go.”

The quick-thinking Yu reportedly distracted the suspect by saying: “Take a look at the jewellery shop behind you. Do you think the gold inside is worth 100,000 RMB?”

Police chestcam footage shows Zhang then turning as the teenager manages to wriggle free, giving officers a chance to move in with the claw device used to trap suspects but keep them away from the arresting officer.

The video shows an officer subduing Zhang with the claw, which is clasped around his neck, while other armed officers draw their sidearms, some reportedly out of camera shot.

In the back-and-forth shouting in local dialect, the hostage taker can be heard saying: “Shoot me! Shoot me” as he holds a knife to his own throat. 

Deputy Chief Yu disarms Zhang shortly after, with the suspect then brought into custody.

Authorities say Zhang was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in 2014 but has had no money to treat it.

He allegedly planned to take somebody hostage and use the ransom to purchase a cure.

Further investigations are ongoing.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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