Woman In Undies Hangs Outside 8th-Floor To Escape Blaze

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This dramatic footage shows a desperate young woman still in her underwear desperately clinging to the outside of her 8th-floor window to escape a raging fire in her flat until firefighters can break down her door and save her.

The firefighters can be seen breaking her door down with an axe before pulling her back inside the building where one of the firemen carries her on his back to safety.

The potentially deadly blaze broke out in her high-rise tower block in Zhongshan District in Dalian, a coastal city in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province.

The video filmed at roughly 9:20am on 19th February shows the homeowner already outside her window, holding on for dear life as flames and thick plumes of smoke gush from her home.

The Zhongshan fire service rushed for emergency vehicles and 21 rescuers to the residential building, which was already being evacuated.

Witnesses below and residents living near the woman shouted at her to hold on, with video showing her doing her best to dodge the flames and smoke by perching her legs on the window frame of her downstairs neighbour.

Fireman Wang Long, 31, was sent into the building with a team of rescuers in order to save the woman, who was described as being around 30 years old.

Footage shows the ground team spraying the outside of the building with a water cannon in order to contain the blaze, and to cool the homeowner down.

Hero Wang and his team reached the woman’s home in minutes and broke through her lock using an axe, after which they began extinguishing the fire and rescuing the victim.

He recalled: “When I reached her, I grabbed hold of both her hands and began pulling her back into the home.

“Her body was completely limp, so I wasn’t able to pull her in on my own!”

Wang’s colleagues helped him bring the woman back in, and she was carried downstairs to an ambulance.

“I was only thinking about saving her,” Wang said, adding: “I was nervous right up until she was freed and the fire was put out.”

The fire service doused the flames less than 30 minutes later, with the homeowner taken to hospital having not suffered any life-threatening injuries.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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