Idiot Driver Holds Up Honking Fire Engine With Sirens On

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This frustrating footage shows a clueless Hyundai driver holding up an on-duty fire crew for a full 90 seconds as they blare their sirens and repeatedly honk the engine’s horn.

The footage released by authorities in the city of Ankang in China’s north-western Shaanxi Province was captured during a fire service call-out on 12th May.

The frustrating video shows the fire engine with loud sirens stuck behind traffic on Ankang Avenue while en route to the emergency.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

A number of vehicles give way, but the fire crew become obstructed by the black Hyundai saloon which fails to move despite the loud sirens and constant warnings.

In the video, Hyundai owner Chen, who was identified by their surname while their gender was not reported, drives slowly in front of the fire engine for 1 minute and 30 seconds until it finally turns into another lane.

Chen was summoned by police and admitted to obstructing the fire engine; however, no explanation as to why was provided.

For blocking the emergency vehicle, Chen was fined 200 RMB (22 GBP) and given three demerit points.

The fire service did not say whether Chen’s stunt resulted in any serious consequences.

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