Heavily Pregnant Woman in Bikini Goes Skiing

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Video Credit: CEN/@act54

A Siberian woman has been filmed going skiing while heavily pregnant – in a bikini.

The bizarre incident was caught on camera of an onlooker in the Gorskiy ski-park in Russia’s third city of Novosibirsk, also known as the capital of Siberia.

The woman, whose name is not reported, was recorded skiing down the slope, leaving other winter-enthusiasts speechless by her unusual apparel.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@act54

The woman, who according to local media is pregnant, was recorded by an onlooker on his smartphone camera and he can be heard asking the woman if she was taking part in a competition or some sort of a dare.

But she responded by giggling, and saying she simply did it for herself. 

Apart from the pair of skies and a bright-coloured bikini as well as a pair of ski boots, the only other covering was the protective helmet which she had gone ahead.

The video was later released by the emergency services who said it happened locally without any comment, where it quickly notched up 100,000 in views in less than 24 hours.

Online commentators were divided over their opinion about the bikini clad pregnant skier.

Netizen ‘Julia Kazantseva’ said: “What a shame! Naked, showing off her pregnant belly. Why would she wear a helmet on her head? She should have put it on her baby-bump.”

Another one, ‘Julia Bright’, added: “I think everyone should decide for themselves what they want to do. She did not hurt anyone, if she is enjoying her time, let her do that. One can lose a baby while sitting at home.”

The majority of netizens however were focused on confusion as to why she had decided to stage the bizarre ski session. 

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