Huge Apple Grows Direct From Tree Trunk

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

These startling images show the huge apple which has grown directly from the trunk of a tree in Turkey.

The bizarre incident took place in the village of Goldere in the central Turkish province of Elazig, where retired police officer Mehmet Turan, 64, noticed his apple tree was sprouting a flower from its trunk.

Local newspaper Enson Haber report the flower from the tree’s trunk then turned into a large apple.


Reports state another tree facing the apple tree with the single fruit on the trunk as also sprouted two apples on its trunk.

Turan was left shocked by the bizarre growth, telling Enson Haber: “I have never seen fruit grow from the trunk of a tree before. I do not know how and why fruit grew on the trunk of my apple tree.

“The apple grown from the trunk was larger than the apples on the branches.”


Images show the huge apple hanging from a stem attached to the trunk of the tree.

Apple trees, like most fruit trees, bear their fruit from their branches although there are some examples of fruit growing directly on trunks in nature, such as jabuticaba, native to Brazil, and jackfruit, native to Southeast Asia.

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