HOT WHEELS: Snow Used To Smother Blaze In Garage As Car Is Pulled to Safety

This is the moment a man shovels snow onto a car to stop it from being further damaged following a gas explosion while a fireman pulled a second car to safety.

When the emergency services arrived, they found the 49-year-old man, who was not named, shovelling snow onto his Russian-made Patriot car that was threatened by the blaze from the burning garage.

The blast, which happened in the town of Novotroitsk, in Russia’s Orenburg region, destroyed the building as well as seriously damaged the man’s car.

It also threatened to destroy a second car, identified as a Rover, that was also nearby.

When patrolling police officers and firefighters arrived, they realised that the second vehicle was also dangerously close to the flames spread out over a 30 square-metre area, and decided to intervene.

The video shows the man shovelling snow onto the blaze while emergency service crews, with the help of locals, pull the second car from the scorching heat to safety.

Emergency crew helps a man salvage his Rover from a burning garage after a fire broke out due to a gas explosion in Russia, undated. After assessing the situation, police officers, with the help of dozens of locals, towed away the car that was already beginning to melt from the scorching heat. (Video news of the police of the Orenburg region/Newsflash)

The man and a 42-year-old woman were injured in the blaze, although it is unclear if this was during their firefighting efforts or from the explosion.

The man later thanked the law enforcement officers and all those involved for helping.