Horse Walks Into A Supermarket, Poos On Shop Floor

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

A Romanian man’s claims that it was okay to do his shopping with this horse fell through when the ‘well-trained’ animal pooed on the shop floor.

The man said he did not feel it was safe to leave the animal outside while he browsed the shelves at the supermarket in the city of Buzau, which is the county seat of the Buzau County, Romania.

And to the amazement of locals, he was filmed as he entered the supermarket acting as if it was nothing unusual, with the horse carefully walking between the aisles of products and knocking absolutely nothing off the shelves.

Picture Credit: CEN

However, the man had failed to notice that the horse had relieved itself on the floor of the supermarket just as they were leaving, meaning the stunt was a spectacular fail.

The man had claimed on camera that the horse was well trained and that he was entitled to lead it wherever he wanted to, but had reckoned without the horse leaving manure on the ground.

The horsemen later left the store initially without clearing up the mess, with the cashier completely unable to decide what to do about the unexpected visitors.

But although not seen in the footage, he then later returned to clean up the mess and apologise after apparently being alerted to what had happened by the laughing cameraman, who also filmed the mess.

The head of the Parscov community where the incident happened was asked if he was aware of the incident and confirmed it had taken place recently, saying: “I don’t know what he was thinking of before entering the store with a horse. Most probably he was drunk.”

Picture Credit: CEN

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