Doc On How To Make DIY Coronavirus Mask With Cling Film

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


A hospital in China has released this footage of a doctor showing how to make an effective surgical mask using nothing but cloth, gauze and cling film.

The footage is in response to critical medical supply shortages but members of the public have raised concerns and appear sceptical about the mask’s effectiveness.

Doctor Xie Yamin, with Sanmen People’s Hospital in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang, has said the mask is to be used in “emergency situations” but is suitable during the current mask shortage to prevent contracting the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.


In a three-minute video released by the facility, Doctor Xie explains the make-up of a traditional one-time use surgical mask.

She says: “Regular surgical masks have a layer of waterproof material on the outside, followed by a second barrier to block bacteria or viruses.

“The third, innermost layer is for comfort of the skin.”

The medic adds: “To make our own mask, the first thing we need is a piece of cloth, then a common sheet of household cling film cut into the correct shape.

“Thirdly, take a piece of gauze, and prepare scissors and a sewing kit.

“Next, we sew them together in the correct order, including adjustable ear loops on either side.”

Doctor Xie demonstrates the DIY mask’s use by placing it on another woman in the clip, tightening the straps around the back of her head like an N95 surgical mask.

The doctor adds: “These masks should be used in emergency situations, such as during the current mask shortage.”

Online commentators have been sceptical if not critical about the mask’s effective when it comes to preventing its wearer from contracting the killer disease.

Netizen ‘Youxia’ commented: “How do you breathe through cling film?”

‘Myz1951’ said: “It looks easy enough to make, but does it work?”

‘Doudou Zhuanzhuan’ added: “Now where do I get the material from?”

China’s foreign affairs ministry announced the country “urgently needed” medical supplies such as surgical masks, hazmat suits and goggles.

Factories now working around the clock at full capacity are still only able to produce about 20 million masks each day, the China’s ministry of industry revealed.

The Wuhan coronavirus has showed no signs of slowing down in mainland China, where the death toll has risen to at least 637, with more than 31,100 confirmed cases.

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