Heartless Thugs Lopped Off Poor Dogs Paw And Tied Muzzle

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News


Locals who fed this stray dog when they first spotted it a month previously were shocked when they found someone had tied up its mouth with rope and then lopped off one of its hind legs.

The cruel incident happened a month ago when people in the village of Bogoslovka, in the Russian Omsk Oblast found the abused pooch in a shocking state and called animal activists.

According to ‘Dobrye Ruki Omsk’ (Kind Hands Omsk) animal protection group who first shared the information about the mutilated dog said it had first been spotted a month beforehand.


Locals who fed it were shocked to find it had been horrifically mutilated when they saw its injuries on February 3.

However, since then the poor pooch has been cared for by the Kind Hands Omsk organisation.

The animal activists wrote: “We took the injured animal to a clinic where it underwent surgery – all the crushed and crumbled bone parts were removed and the stump of the leg was carefully sewn up. The dog is recovering now.”


The Kind Hands Omsk organisation named the dog Filya and said they are looking for a kind person to take it in and care for it until it recovers from its ordeal.

Many netizens agreed to help Filya and others have started funding the pet.

Netizen named ‘Ana Ponomarenko’ said: ‘What a disaster. And to think these non-humans are still walking the Earth!!’

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