GOLD FILLING: Man Swallows Valuable Ring After It Dropped Off Chef’s Finger At Chinese Takeaway

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

A diner at a Chinese restaurant got an optional extra he was not planning on when he swallowed a solid gold ring.

The incident happened at a restaurant in Dongguan which is a prefecture-level city in central China’s Guangdong Province.

The young man had paid CNY 180 (GBP 15) for the crayfish meal and was tucking into it greedily when he accidentally swallowed a mouthful containing the gold ring.

Man nearly eats gold ring found in takeaway food in Dongguan, China. (cen3556891/AsiaWire)

The man apparently choked, and before he had swallowed the ring completely he looked to see what he had almost eaten, and was surprised to find what appeared to be a gold ring.

The diner had initially thought that maybe the fish had eaten the gold ring, but enquiries with the restaurant owner revealed that the ring belonged to the chef, who had lost it and had not realised it had dropped into one of the meals he was preparing.

The ring that was worth CNY 7000 (GBP 850) was then returned to the chef who thanked the diner and apologised for ruining his meal.