Giant Creature Filmed In Lake Where Brit Tourist Died

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This shaky footage going viral appears to show a Loch Ness style creature that eyewitnesses say “had flippers” while it was filmed in a lake where a British kayaker drowned.

The British man, named as Thomas David McKendrick Warden, 34, drowned a few days after this footage was shot when trying to cross Nahuel Huapi Lake, a glacial lake with crystal-clear blue waters in the foothills of the Andes in the Argentine province of northern Patagonia.

At the time bad weather was blamed on the man’s death with winds gusting up to 50 mph.


The footage which has gone viral after being seen 500,000 times was shot by two fishermen a few days before the British man died.

In one video the dark shape seems to be causing ripples as it undulates through the water, and the person recording it says “you can see something black, I don’t know what it is. It looks like something big, as if it had scales. I also saw three flippers out of the water, I thought they were waves but you can still see it. Something is going on there, it is scary.”

A second video is shot much more close-up and again appears to show a large underwater shape undulating through the water.

Facundo, one of the fishermen, told local media outlet Noticias Bariloche Opina: “we were with a friend when it was very hot and suddenly we saw something big moving on the water. We also saw a boat from Prefectura Naval (Navy) approaching the area”.

Another clip appears to have a black object moving in the lake as onlookers can be heard gasping and asking “what is it?”.

Local media already speculating that it is the legendary ‘Nahuelito’ which according to local legend has lived in the lake since 1910.

The legendary creature is believed to be the Argentine version of the Loch Ness Monster but its presence has never been confirmed.

The first alleged spotting of Nahuelito came from 1910, when George Garret, a manager of a sailing company, claimed to have seen the strange creature “whose visible part was between five and six metres long and came out of the water at a height of around two metres (6.5 feet)”.

It was reported the footage was shot two days before the British man drowned. Warden’s body was later found in the water after days of searching.

He had been kayaking with his girlfriend Charlotte Inman, who raised the alarm after they fell into the water in separate kayaks in strong winds and currents.

Inman managed to reach the shore but a search and rescue operation was launched for her boyfriend.

He was found around six miles east of Bariloche, nearly 20 miles from the spot where he vanished.

‘MirandaNatto’ commented: “Nahuelito has reappeared… in the lake… in Bariloche we all believe in the aboriginal myth, dinosaur, dragon or snake?’ and commented in the same thread “we were told that they saw something in the lake”.

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