Huge Dead Frog Found In Salad At Healthy Restaurant

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorAlex Cope, AgencyCentral European News

A young couple has been shocked to find a large dead frog lying in the middle of their salad while dining at a popular health food chain in Argentina.

The incident took place at a Green Eat restaurant in the Dot Baires shopping centre located in the eastern Argentine capital Buenos Aires, and the photos were shared on Twitter by netizen Mercedes Conde.

Picture Credit: CEN/@MechiMConde

The disgruntled diner said: “We found this disgusting frog in our food. This makes us doubt the quality checks this place claims to promote.

“The waiter was even more surprised than us. The situation was serious though, especially as children eat there too.”

Following the social media post, a spokesperson for the restaurant chain contacted Conde with the message: “We are all focused on understanding what happened. We have put ourselves in your shoes and an apology does not seem like much.

“All we can do is tell you that this has never happened in our nine years in business and that we are looking into the incident, we will continue investigating.”

It is currently unclear whether the local authorities are also looking into the matter.

Reports said that Green Eat has 17 restaurants in Buenos Aires and their website promotes a healthy lifestyle that has less impact on the environment.

Netizen ‘GeorginaRottle2’ said: “Disgusting. I am so sorry about this incident and the terrible dining experience. Thank God they at least gave you an explanation.”

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