German Boy, 15, Murdered Classmate Because She Would Not Tell His Actual Girlfriend They Were Not Together

A 15-year-old German boy who allegedly stabbed his Polish-born classmate to death because she refused to tell his ‘real’ girlfriend that they were not together has been charged with murder.

Wiktoria Truchan was just 16 years old when she was stabbed to death in the town of Grossroehrsdorf in the German state of Saxony on 15th September and after her brutal murder, her little sister reportedly asked daily when she would be coming home.

Wiktoria lived with her parents in nearby Lichtenberg, a 10-minute drive away from Grossroehrsdorf where she went to school. Her school is 850 metres (2,789 ft) from the garage yard where she was stabbed.

Teenager Wiktoria J. (16) who was stabbed to death in Saxony in Germany in September 2021. (Newsflash)

And now it has emerged that the accused, who has not been named due to strict local privacy laws, allegedly stabbed her to death after he started having a relationship with her and asked her to keep it a secret from his ‘real’ girlfriend.

But Wiktoria is said to have refused, with the accused then allegedly stabbing her to death while she was walking down the street to see a friend.

Police reportedly later found her blood on his shoes.

The body of teenager Wiktoria J. (16) who was stabbed to death in Saxony in Germany in September 2021. (Newsflash)

Her younger sister, who has not been named, reportedly asks every day when Wiktoria will be coming home.

The postmortem on the victim’s body indicates that she bled to death and there was no sign of any crime of a sexual nature having taken place.

Police eventually arrested the accused after a manhunt following photographs of him circulating on social media, with the young girl’s parents, not named but who is said to be from the western Polish city of Gorzow Wielkopolski, saying through their lawyer that they did not want vigilantes to get involved and that people should leave the matter to the police.

The crime scene where teenager Wiktoria J. (16) was stabbed to death in Saxony in Germany in September 2021. (Newsflash)

The victim’s family’s lawyer, Robert Zukowski, issued a statement at the time, shortly before the accused was arrested, that said: “We hereby ask the public to leave the investigation to the experienced police officers of the Bautzen homicide squad and we are also very sure that the perpetrator can be arrested in a timely manner.

“Everyone should please refrain from going it alone and making unfounded assumptions on social media, but instead report this information to the police. This would also have been Viktoria’s wish.”

The trial is set to take place behind closed doors. A first court date had not yet been announced at the time of writing.