Gang Butchers OAP Who Wanted Fake Driving Licence

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Four men are on trial for torturing and killing a 75-year-old female pensioner after the OAP turned up at their lair to buy an illegal driving licence.

The trial got underway on Wednesday at the district court of Osnabruck, a city in the western German state of Lower Saxony.

German-Turks Ramazan B., 43, Kahraman P., 35 and Mert N., 24, as well as 25-year-old Nigerian national Enoma E., are facing charges of extortionate robbery.

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Meanwhile, Ramazan B., Mert N. and Enoma E. are also facing murder charges.

Widow Ursula U., 75, who lived in the town of Melle close to the city of Osnabruck, contacted the gang because she wanted to buy a fake licence after driving for 26 years without one.

She contacted Ramazan B. through an acquaintance and paid 4,800 EUR (4,310 GBP) for the fake document, according to local media.

On 14th December last year, she went to the city of Cologne to pick up the driving licence from a private residence, but was allegedly held captive by the gang who demanded more money.

After taking cash from her purse, Kahraman P. left the flat, according to the indictment, and the three remaining gang members allegedly tortured the victim over many hours.

Reports said that the gang had rented the flat especially for the crime.

Autopsy results showed that the pensioner suffered a hyoid bone fracture, multiple broken ribs, several head wounds and a laryngeal trauma.

Ramazan B. reportedly gave the victim two Ecstasy pills, after which the victim fell unconscious.

According to the indictment, Ramazan B., Mert N. and Enoma E. then drove the widow back to the Osnabruck area to kill her and cover up the act.

She was reportedly transported in a rented Mazda by Ramazan B. and Enoma E. to the town of Hasbergen where the duo continued to torture her.

Ursula U. eventually died after her throat was slit with a broken bottle, according to local media.

After the murder, reports said that the perpetrators plundered Ursula’s two bank accounts with cards they stole and the PIN numbers the victim revealed under torture.

However, they were only able to withdraw 3,000 EUR (2,693 GBP) from her accounts.

Two of the gang members were captured on CCTV cameras while withdrawing the money from an ATM, which eventually led to the arrest of all four suspects.

On the first trial day, Ramazan B. remained silent while Enoma E. made a statement implicating the other gang members.

He claimed he was not involved in the alleged violence and woman’s death, and was even completely unaware of the kidnapping plot until the moment Ursula U. was brought to the flat.

The Nigerian added: “I am ashamed and I apologise.”

The trial is ongoing.

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