Drugged 17yo Learns Of Party Gang-Rape After Pregnancy

Story By: Kathryn Quinn, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A 17-year-old girl who allegedly had her drink spiked before reportedly being gang-raped only learned of the horrifying ordeal after realising she was pregnant.

The teenage girl, identified as Chiara L., was reportedly attacked at a party by a group of men who also filmed the ordeal.

Reports said that the victim met suspect Mahmud S., 19, on Instagram. In December 2017, he invited Chiara to a party at his apartment in Hanover in the German state of Lower Saxony.

Chiara accepted Mahmud’s invitation, adding: “There was another girl there as well as me, who I didn’t know. As the evening went on, more and more guys turned up to the party. There was alcohol and I had a few, but I was not drunk.

“At around 2.30am, I went to the bathroom and everything went black right in front of my eyes. From that point, I cannot remember anything else.

“When I eventually came round, I could not remember a thing.”

Before her blackout, she said: “I remember at some point, someone poured something into my glass.”

A month after the party, Chiara found out she was pregnant and her thoughts immediately turned to the party.

She immediately wrote to Mahmud and informed him. Chiara said he turned angry and told her to have an abortion while also allegedly threatening her.

This is the when the teen told her parents and went to the police.

Investigators identified the group and reportedly found video evidence of the gang rape on four suspects’ phones.

A DNA test showed that German-Tunisian Kerim A. was the father of the child, according to local media.

Despite the circumstances surrounding the conception, the young woman decided to keep the baby, who is now seven months old.

Chiara’s lawyer Bjorn Nordmann said: “I have seen the footage on the confiscated mobile phones. Despite the severity of the sexual attack, my clients appears to be appears to be unnaturally impassive about the situation and somewhat detached from it.”

He added: “I believe the men put knockout drops in her drink to numb her and prevent her from resisting before raping her.”

According to reports, the four men being investigated have migrant ties to Iraq, Lebanon and Tunisia.

The suspects, who are currently released on bail, deny the allegations and claim that the sex was consensual.

Chiara will have to be a witness against the men.

The victim will have to testify at the trial, although she said: “I never want to see those men again. All I want is to build a safe future for me and my daughter.”

Kathrin Soefker from the Hanover Public Prosecutors office said: “We have brought an indictment against three of the four men charged with group rape.

“The fourth suspect has an Austrian passport and charges against him are being investigated in Austria.”

She has reportedly already received her court summons for the trial of the Austrian man, while authorities in Germany are still investigating and have yet to set a court date.

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