Flying Dune Racer Motorbike Flattens Terrified Spectators

This is the moment a scrambler motorbike comes flying over a massive sand dune at a desert rally in Argentina and falls out of the sky into a crowd of spectators.

The breathtaking footage, filmed at the Summer Enduro rally in the Villa Gesell dunes, shows bike after bike dropping over the peak of a cross-country race last weekend (24th/25th February).

But one seems to take the crest too fast and flies through the air, landing on top of a sun shelter straight into a crowd of screaming spectators.

One clip seems to show the bike landing heavily on top of the man filming it as he howls in agony and drops his phone.

Other footage shows the bike smashing down on the canopy, scattering terrified children and adult spectators.

A quadricycle crashes into spectators. In Villa Gesell, Argentina, undated. There were no fatalities. (CEN)

As they flee, the biker can be seen staggering to his feet before falling face-first into the sand.

A further clip shows victims being treated in an emergency medical centre.

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One girl is sitting on an examination table wearing a neck brace while another apparently more seriously injured man is seen in the back of an ambulance with paramedics.

Amazingly, local media reported that all the injured survived the crash, but three members of the same family, two children and an adult, needed urgent hospital treatment.

A motorcycle falls on the audience after a jump on a dune. In Villa Gesell, Argentina, undated. There were no fatalities. (CEN)

Local media reports that all three are recovering after emergency surgery.

Police have not named any of the injured or the biker, whose medical condition is unknown.

A clip of a second crash shows a quad bike smashing straight through a group of spectators. Pinning one of them on the handlebars.

The rally takes place every year this year with more than 1,300 participants.