Firemen Burst Wall To Rescue Drunk Trapped In Vent

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment firefighters hammer through a shopping centre’s internal wall to rescue a drunk teenager who had broken his back after falling 50-feet down a vent.

The hapless victim named only as Mr Guo is employed in the shopping centre in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, in East China.

He was rescued on the morning of 3rd November after finding himself unable to move before banging on the wall for help.

The fire service was called to rescue Mr Guo after shopping centre employees heard his cries coming from the other side of the vent wall.

Picture Credit: AisaWire

Rescue footage shows firemen breaking apart the concrete and brick wall using a sledgehammer and finding Mr Guo’s limp body at the body of the narrow gap measuring 2 feet across and 9 feet long.

The authorities said they created a larger hole and sent a fireman down the vent, after which Mr Guo, who they said was around 18 or 19, is seen being lifted to safety.

Fire captain Zhou Qi recalled: “After speaking to the victim, he told us he couldn’t move, and that his head and hip hurt.

“He remained fully conscious.”

Picture Credit: AisaWire

Mr Zhou said the teenager was freed in about 90 minutes and taken to Pudong New Area People’s Hospital, where he was confirmed to have fractured his lumbar vertebrae, as well as his left shoulder and left ankle.

Mr Guo is recovering and not in any life-threatening condition.

He told the fire service that he works for a karaoke business on the second-floor of the shopping centre, where his employees’ dormitory is also located.

After a night of heavy drinking with colleagues, he returned to the dorm room but then rushed out again in order to vomit.

He believes he passed out, saying the next thing he remembers was waking up at the bottom of the 50-foot vent, surrounded by walls without his phone to call for help.

Picture Credit: AisaWire

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