Flyers Pray And Drink Whisky In US Boeing Engine Scare

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Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment plane passengers pray to God and swig whisky as their aircraft suffers engine difficulties aboard a Boeing 737-400 plane bound for the United States before the pilot was forced to carry out an emergency landing.

The incident took place on the Swift Air flight WQ1996 between Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Miami in the USA.

According to local media, the flight, operated by US airline Swift Air, took off from the Las Americas International Airport near the Dominican Republic’s southern capital Santo Domingo and encountered an engine problem half an hour into the flight.

Picture Credit:CEN

Reports said the Miami-bound flight had to turn around to carry out an emergency landing in Santo Domingo and the passengers were informed of the issue.

In the video footage, which is going viral on Twitter with 775,000 views, passengers are seen holding hands, praying to God and passing around a bottle of whisky to swig on.

Reports said the flight safely returned to the Las Americas International Airport without further incident and no one was hurt during the emergency situation.

Picture Credit:CEN

According to local media, a replacement Boeing 737-400 landed in Miami after a five-hour delay.

Netizen ‘UlseRubio’ commented: “The guy with the whisky bottle is the smartest.”

‘Rodmonti’ said: “Most of them are praying while only a few are drinking in [potentially] their last moments.”

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