FLOODY NUISANCE: Man Swims In Flooded Barber Shop

This is the moment a man swims in a flooded barbershop after he spent eight hours trying to recover what could be saved from the damaged business.

The incident happened in the city of Nanchang in the Chinese province of Jiangxi on the 13th of April.

In the first video, an unnamed man can be seen swimming in the flooded room, while in the second video, the flooded floor of the shop is recorded with many objects floating in the water.

The flooded barber shop in Nanchang, China. (15070861341m/AsiaWire)

The owner of the shop, identified only as Ms Ning, told local media that when she opened the store early in the morning, she was stunned to see it had been flooded,

After she and her employee had spent eight hours cleaning, they had done all they could and she added: “We were tired and hungry after a day of cleaning, and my employee simply jumped into the water in the store and took pleasure in a bit of escapism.

“My store had been also flooded once a few years ago and this situation is familiar to me. Life is not easy. But I move forward each time.”

The flooded barber shop in Nanchang, China. (15070861341m/AsiaWire)

According to the reports, the barbershop had been flooded due to heavy rains in the area.