Five Injured As Huge Fireworks Display Explodes

This is the moment festival goers flee in terror as a huge fireworks display explodes in front of them throwing fireballs into the crowd.

Five people, according to local media, were injured in the horrifying blast, including three minors who suffered burns to their legs and necks.

The Independence Day event had drawn hundreds of families and children to the show in Camargo, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, on 16th September.

But terrifying footage of the celebration shows them running in panic as the massive display explodes into flames in front of them.

At one point a ball of fire shrieks through the sky and explodes in the crowd like a mortar round.

One firework is said to have exploded too early, detonating others waiting to be shot into the air, according to local media.

Photo shows the Independence fireworks in the city of Camargo, Chihuahua in September 2023. People were injured. (@omarisaacpolito/CEN)

Other footage shows event organisers running for their lives as the entire display explodes uncontrollably in front of them.

The head of the Civil Protection of Camargo, Tadeo Gonzalez, said paramedics and the Red Cross were on the scene and were in charge of caring for the injured.

Firefighters rushed to hose down the pyrotechnics to prevent further injuries.

Several people were also reportedly treated for shock.

There have been no updates on the condition of the injured.

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