Fishy Business As Road Covered With Fresh Salmon

Story ByAnna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@cartochka72

A Russian road was covered with these large fresh salmon after the expensive cargo was lost by a passing lorry.

According to Russian cops, the lorry lost almost its entire load of salmon while travelling along the road between the villages of Dolinsky and Starodubsky in southern Sakhalin, an island in the far-east of the Russian Federation located north of Japan. They said that in total, almost a tonne of fresh fish had been dumped onto the tarmac.

Picture Credit: CEN/@cartochka72

According to local media reports, the driver of the vehicle had not realised that the rear doors had opened, resulting in the fish falling out as it travelled along the road.

This footage showing locals gathering up the fish was then posted online, and although some of them have clearly been crushed beyond being salvaged by passing vehicles, many are apparently still intact.

Some of the more ambitious carry bags in order to look for complete fish to take back home, while others are seen next to a stopped bus and cars to join in the fish collection.

Picture Credit: CEN/@cartochka72

The price of salmon in Russia varies from 900 to almost 2,000 RUB (11-25 GBP) per kilogramme.

Eyewitnesses noted that after some time a commercial digger arrived at the scene to skip away the fish which were a road hazard, clearing the way for the road to be operating once again as normal.

Picture Credit: CEN/@cartochka72

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